Episode 5 - The Stripping Hour

More appetizing than a bathtub full of Cheez-Its, it’s an all new Sabrina’s Witch Trials! On this edition of the Trials, host Alex Araujo is joined by both the (apparent) Chancellor of Germany Mike Casas, as well as new guest, and undisputed champion of inadvertently inappropriate comments, Sami Rivera to analyze the James Dean filled inaugural Halloween episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, aptly named “A Halloween Story”! After the Allure of Harvey’s hair causes Sabrina to try and double her fun with a full body duplication spell to attend his Halloween party the same night as her family reunion, our resident teenage witch gets more than double the headaches from both her spoiled cousin Amanda in the Other Realm, and of course THAT BITCH LIBBY back in Westbridge! Will Sabrina be able to avoid angering her magic happy kin and make it back to Harvey’s party before her body double ruins her rep, or will she be forced to forever live with the (evidently embarrassing) distinction of being the girl who streaked at a high school party? Answers, as well as another incredibly awkward guest appearance, lie ahead on this jarring installment of Sabrina’s Witch Trials!